Why Value Management?

Many companies face market or competitor pressures that require an ongoing approach to cost-cutting which results in systematic value dilution.  Cost-cutting is a deliberate process where people, services or capabilities are removed because their value is undetermined or perceived as less valued by customers.   

Over time, a  business can migrate to a precarious position facing commoditization, low profitability, stagnant growth and non-deployable strategic options, etc.  

Our Approach provides focused consulting with experienced B2B veterans using systematic, proven tools, processes and experience.

We have personally built market-leading brands, launched industry-changing products and services, re-configured market channels and re-structured sales/marketing systems, training and teams.  We’ve developed strategic business plans, market segment strategies and innovation/growth plans.   

Let's talk about your Value Situation and discuss how we can improve it. 

Founders Comments: 

I’ve been fortunate to have multi-industry experience, multiple marketing (and sales) leadership positions during my 40 year career in a Fortune 200 Industrial company.   Four of my roles were either new positions, new divisions or new organizational structures; this diversity provided me with an incredibly rich set of business experiences that shaped my Marketing career.   

I started this company because my colleagues and I want to share our experience and expertise with companies and leaders that want to accelerate their growth using Customer-Driven Value as their engine for success.   

"Value" Management is quite difficult to embrace and sustain in many B2B companies.  In some organizations, even identifying the "Owners" of Value can be difficult, is it Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Quality, the Executive team?   

I believe the 4-C's Value Management Process can help companies re-focus on the customer, strengthen their value offerings and drive profitable growth.   

Pat Kenny

Why the Company Name?

Backstory: The term "Value Engineering" started out as an engineering principle aimed at achieving the designed purpose at the lowest cost (e.g. designing a bridge with the necessary but least amount of steel needed to carry the design load.)  

It has devolved (particularly in the construction industry) to a term that now means stripping out the Design Value and letting Cost Factors drive the decision-making.  

We reject this current definition and our company name reflects our purpose, i.e., to put VALUE IN to companies using an EnGINEERING-like process.